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. Echanger des informations pour la défense des peuples amérindiens, de leurs droits, cultures, ressources naturelles . Exchange informations in the defence of amerindian cultures, tribal reserves and natural resources

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      25/02/2007 - Passages andins-Andean passages: 5 movies

      look at andean movies .

      1. The inti Raymi, celebration of the cusquenian sunfeast : the prayer to the sun by the Inca, the procession of the caciques, orejones, warriors, amazonian indians with their pythons  and ñustas, the virgins of the sun. 

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       the indian tribes from the Amazon perform the pytons'dance .

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       2.  crossing the Andes from the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru, toward the Amazon.

      A close view of the La Veronica summit, above 6000 m.


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