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      29/01/2019 - Indigenous Peoples March


      Did Indian culture and civilization died at the massacre in Wounded Knee, in 1890? This is the question the author, David Treuer asks in his last book.

      "We belong to sovereign nations which exist inside the sovereign nation of the United States... The Native protests of the American Indian Movement in the 60s and 70s and recently in Standind Rock in Minnesota around pipelines, are between private enterprise and the common good... After the recent Indigenous Peoples March in Washington D.C. and the images of an Omaha elder, Nathan Phillips, staying in the fight, I am trying to communicate in my book the ways in which Indians have not only endured America but endeavored always to make it better". 

      The story in "THE MAYAN DAWN" about Quiche Indians in Guatemala, and a shaman protecting primal seeds of maïze during the years 1970-1990, emphasizes the same dignity, gentleness and compassion of indian nations in modern world, to demonstrate a different model of development and lifestyle with respect of natural ressources and sustainability of human future.  



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