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      26/12/2006 - movies. shaman and medicinal plants in the Amazon

       5 MOVIES: Shaman and amazonian medicinal plants 

      to see the movies, clic on :










      a poem about deforestation in Brazil




        Several entities and associations have fought to prohibit all patents on plants, micororganisms, animal and human life including patents on genes and the products they code for, in their natural, purified or synthesized form in order to preserve the Earth’s gene pool .

      The goal of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources (IU) is sharing equitably the earth’s biological heritage.

      Are also strongly commited to this treaty and stewarding the earth’s gene pool :

      . The Association Quechua-Aymara ANDES/Indienous Peoplles´Biodiversity Network (IPBN)

      . The National Family FarmCoalition (NFFC)

      . The Southe East Asian Regional Institute for Comunity Education (SEARICE)

      . Grean Peace Genetic Engineering

      .  Indigenous People«’s Council on Biocolonialism (IPCB)

      . Rain Forest Action Network (RAN)

      .  The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI)

      . Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT)

      . The Foudation on Economi Trends (FOET)

      . The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)

      . The Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG)

      . The Coordinating Body for te Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA)

      . The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL).


      In the past, an International campaign has successfully obtained the cancellation of a patent on sacred “Ayahuasca “plant, the Banisteriopsis caapi native plant from the Amazonian rainforest.


      Today other native plants from the peruvian Amazon will be patented with no respect of the traditional knowledge and use of a plant by indigenous peoples :

       Is it ethical to claim private rights over a plant or knowledge belonging to a cultural or ethnic group? 

      The patent applicants should identify all biological resources and traditional knowledge that they used in developping the claimed invention. They should also disclose the geographical origin and provide evidence that the source country and indigenous community consented to its use.


      Please support and diffuse this information

      for further informations over Costa Rica rain forest, consult:

      A Vacation with a Purpose at Guaria de Osa on ...

      * * * * 

      • Celebrating Earth Day and the quarter moon
      • Celebrating Mother’s Day** and the full moon

      joyously announce hosting during Mango Season

      Two Timeless 9 days/8 nights RainForest Plant Medicine Council Gatherings

      “Nature as Teacher, Indigenous Wisdom & Rainforest Conservation Strategies”

      with time-honored Maestros from the Ecuadorian Amazon,
      an acclaimed Ethnobotanist, a Ceremonial Master Counselor,
      and an Iyengar/Continuum Movement Yoga Teacher
      together with mindful/thoughtful participants in
      self-discovery, wellness and exploration of rainforest plant traditions!

      ** We recognize Mother's Day does not fall on the same date of the year for every country around the world largely because of traditions and culture.

      A full announcement is posted on Guaria de Osa's Calendar of Events.

      * * * *
      Is it too cold for too long where you live? Then come to tropical Costa Rica for a timeless vacation with a purpose at GUARIA de OSA Rainforest Ocean Discovery Centre & Ethnobotanical Gardens on the OSA PENINSULA of COSTA RICA where the Rainforest kisses the Pacific Ocean!

      In addition to the information in this Circular,
      there are extra important details for each event at Calendar of Events: - or -

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